Thursday, October 11, 2012

Double Barrel #5

Title: Double Barrel
Issue: #5
Release: October 2012
Writers: Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon
Artists: Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon
Image via Comix Experience

The fifth installment of the Cannons' web comic is now available.  I got mine at ComiXology and it is also available wherever web comics or e-books are sold.  The price is a bargain: $1.99.  Back issues are available for $0.99.

I also got my t-shirt for being a finalist in their caption contest.  Ain't it snappy?

In the new issue, we get two chapters of Zander's Heck.  Hector and Elliott must contend with the minotaur's daddy issues.  An intriguing new character is introduced, and with him a new perspective on the death of Greg, Amy's husband.  In Kevin's Crater XV, Shanks is trapped in a blockhouse with members of the High Arctic League.  Meanwhile, Wendy gets a little too curious about the Canadian space program.

For the extras, we have part four of Kevin's mini-comic, Penny from the Front, Zander's continuing family adventures in Here Me Is! and a How To: exploration of 24-Hour Comic Day, a terrifying (to me) combination of creative fury and sleep deprivation.  New this month is The Dead Living, a mini-comic by special contributor Steve Stwalley, another Minneapolis-based artist (have I mentioned that the Cannons operate out of the Twin Cities?).  I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of the current zombie craze, though Stwalley's story offers an interesting angle.

My usual disclaimer: I went to college with the Cannons and am therefore slightly biased.  However, I would not bother blogging about their work if I didn't think it was good.


  1. It is snappy. What was the caption you submitted?

    1. Haha! Suze, you've fallen right into my trap. You must go read issue #4 to see.

    2. Okay, can I just say the zeal apparent in that first word made me want to giggle?

    3. You know I was just lying in wait for someone to ask!