Saturday, October 13, 2012

I'm with the Band: Arkansas

Band: Razorback Marching Band
University: University of Arkansas
Founded: 1874
Current Director: Dr. Christopher Knighten
Fight Song: "Arkansas Fight"
Today's Home Game: Kentucky, 6 p.m.

Photo via Arkansas Alumni Online Community

The band enters the stadium:

The following video sounds like a joke but it definitely isn't.  It's quite wonderful, in fact.

So, often we tend to pigeon-hole kids - jocks, band geeks and so forth.  And let's be honest: we tend to be particularly dismissive of star athletes as one-trick ponies.  As a teacher, though, I'm always impressed to see the students who somehow manage to be good at everything.  Talent and work ethic are highly transferable assets.  There are probably plenty of Arkansas band members with high school athletic resumes, too. 

Finally, "Arkansas Fight" from a pep rally:

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