Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Baseball Fantasy: Thrice Champion

Private league: won, 5-4-1 (league champion)
Public league: lost, 9-1 (4th place finish out of 12 teams)
My MVP for the Year: Giancarlo Stanton (Outfielder, Marlins) with 37 home runs, 86 RBI, 75 runs, 6 stolen bases and a .290 batting average

I have won my private league for the third year in a row.  I am genuinely worried they won't let me play anymore.  At least they get to beat up on me during football season.

In the public league, I finished just out of the medals.  I think for my public endeavors, I may switch back to Rotisserie next year.  I was better at that.  Head-to-head is more sociable but that's unimportant in a league of complete strangers.

Photo via Facebook

Giancarlo Stanton had a strange season, at times magnificent - he was NL Player of the Month in May - but also was out for a stretch with an injury.  In fact, he finished with the fewest at-bats of anyone on my team with 449, but still the most home runs with 37.  He was chosen as an All-Star but missed the game due to knee surgery.  He is only 22 and, as long as he stays healthy, seemingly has Cooperstown written all over him.

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