Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October Baseball: A Meeting of the Ancients

Photo via Bay Area Sports Guy

My rooting interests were 0-4 in the division series but I did much better this past round.  I'm all for anybody beating the Yankees so the Tigers' four-game sweep was quite cathartic.  I'm no fan of defending champions either so the Giants' comeback over the Cardinals was inspiring as well.  Watching last night's ninth inning was amazing.  It took a downpour to make a 9-0 blowout seem poetic.

Both the Tigers and the Giants have been in existence for well over a century - the Tigers since 1894, the Giants since 1883.  The Giants have won 22 pennants in their history, the Tigers 11.  And yet, this is the teams' first time meeting one another in the World Series.  I've gotta go with Detroit this time.

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