Monday, October 29, 2012

October Baseball: The Age of Giants


Photo via The Big Lead

Money isn't everything.  Six Major League teams had payrolls higher than the Giants on opening day.  Four of those teams (Phillies, Red Sox, Angels and Marlins) didn't even make the playoffs.

Power isn't everything.  Pablo Sandobal made well-deserved headlines after hitting three dingers in Game 1 but this is not a team built around the long ball.  The Giants are masters at keeping innings alive: few strikeouts, loads of two-out hits. 

I was pulling for the Tigers but if this is the future of baseball, I'm all for it.

Photo via Fun Cheap


  1. I loved the old baseball cards that used to have a stick of bubble gum with them. They smelled sweet too.

    1. Me, too, even though the gum was pretty awful. I also really liked the sticker books Topps used to make.