Sunday, April 1, 2012

Family Adventures: A Kid's First Bike

Our Girl is eight-and-a-half, probably on the older side for a kid getting her first bicycle. We've thought about it before but we live on a dirt road at the bottom of a fairly steep hill - not exactly ideal for a beginning cyclist. However, summer plans are already in the works and bike riding with cousins is a strong possibility. As such, getting her off of training wheels is a worthy goal.

We went to Earl's Cyclery & Fitness on Saturday morning, not necessarily planning to buy - just a preliminary exploration. Wouldn't you know, the store was having a sale this weekend so we took the plunge. Here's Our Girl's sweet new ride:

Yesterday was bright, sunny and unseasonably warm - a perfect day to go for a spin. We found a public tennis court that suited our needs just fine. It's an odd thing teaching a kid to ride a bike. I found it nearly impossible not to pump my legs in sympathy as I watched her work the pedals. She overcame initial frustrations and I did my best to stay out of the way, only stepping in when she asked. She more or less had the hang of it by the time we left, though I think it may be a little while before she's willing to try without the training wheels. No rush. She'll be ready when she's ready. It was a very successful first day.

If you're looking for today's A-Z entry, it's two posts down. Or just use the link here.

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  1. Your place actually seems ideal to learn to ride as there wouldn't be much traffic.

    I learned on a freeway in southern California for the most part after I was kicked off the school bus for spitting outside the window. lol

    Love the color. And at least you got the bike on sale.