Sunday, April 8, 2012

Family Adventures: Why Thai Food Is Vitally Important

It was a pretty quiet weekend here. Our main family adventure out of the house was picking up take out from Sukho Thai. We take Thai food seriously. For me, the cuisine is part of a family legacy. My parents met in Peace Corps training in the early '60s on their way to serve in Thailand - just the beginning of their Asian adventures as it would turn out. When we were kids, my sister and I weren't too impressed by the Thai Room, the one Thai restaurant in Northwest DC at the time but we both grew to love it. Eating Thai food is how I learned to like spicy.

Image via WCAX

My Wife loves the stuff, too, and has actually mastered quite a few dishes herself over the years. When we were looking for a place to settle, a city with a decent Thai restaurant was an important requirement. If it had been the most important consideration, we might have chosen Ithaca, New York but Burlington passed muster so here we are. To her credit, Our Girl is a more adventurous eater than I was at her age but still isn't quite as excited by Thai food as she is by Chinese. She's a dumpling fiend. It's hard to top Chinese in that category.

We ordered well. I got my usual, Pad Kee Mao, and was very happy with it. My Wife found an awesome Krapow Duck dish - one to remember. Our Girl loaded up on appetizers: Gai Satay and Dim Sum. All were happy.

It was a very exciting weekend in broomball. We won our game on Friday night! Final score: 1-0 with Slim knocking in an unassisted beauty in the third period. It always feels good to play well but it feels even better to play well and win. We controlled the ball for most of the game and that will be key for us heading into the playoffs next weekend. Mock said he only had to stop three shots from the other team. We had subs, too, which was glorious. The albatross has been lifted!

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  1. I've concluded that a good Thai restaurant is as easy to find as a bad Chinese one.

  2. We had Thai food on Saturday. My husband loves it and a restaurant finally opened up in town a couple years ago. It's very authentic, too.