Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Second Basemen, A to Z: Ron Oester

Player: Ron Oester
Born: 5/5/1956 in Cincinnati, Ohio
Major League Career: 1978-90
Games Played at Second Base: 1,171
Most Games Played For: Cincinnati Reds

Photo via Bleacher Report

Ron Oester played his entire Major League career with the Reds, a loyalty rewarded when the team won the World Series in his final season. In 1988, Oester won the Hutch Award, an honor I'd never heard of before. It's a fighting spirit award. Oester came back from ACL surgery midway through the '88 season, certainly worthy of acknowledgment.


For last year's A-Z Challenge, I featured players of the Baltimore Orioles/St. Louis Browns organization, my favorite baseball team. I managed to cover every position on the field except for one: second baseman. As such, I decided to devote this year's challenge entirely to the second base position, honoring the individuals who earned their keep playing one of the game's most demanding defensive positions.

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  1. I remember Ron Oester. Its great to see players start and finish with the same team. Glad he was on that championship team too.

  2. All of the boys in my family are huge baseball fans! You chose a great theme, and I hope to learn more stats to impress them with! Julie