Current Mission Statement

State of the Blog 2020
(originally posted August 24, 2020)

Year 12, here we go!

I don't foresee any major changes for The Armchair Squid in the coming year, at least not to the basic structure.  The current schedule is working well for me...

Mondays: Marvel Immersion Project
Wednesdays: Family Adventures
Fridays: Star Trek

I am certainly learning a lot about the Marvel Universe in a hurry, as was my intention.  Reading a comic book more or less daily will do that!  It's possible I will change course at some point as to the exact material I feature - all of those Star Wars comic books on Marvel Unlimited beckon - but count on Monday posts continuing through the blogging year.

Family Adventures posts will continue to be food-driven.  I'm excited by where the cocktail hobby is heading for me right now.  Exploring bitters and French ingredients (with David Lebovitz as my guide) is adding new flavors to the tool box and I am simultaneously gaining confidence in my capacity to design my own recipes.  Stay tuned on that last one.  Expect developments in the next couple weeks.  I should also get back to mocktails.  I said that last year, too, and only got so far with it.  If I keep saying it, maybe it will be more likely to happen.

I'll be starting Season 3 of Star Trek: The Next Generation this week.  In other words, we're about to dig into the good stuff.  Barring major unforeseen life changes, I anticipate seeing TNG all the way through to the end at this point.  Whether I'll eventually take on Deep Space Nine, too, remains to be seen.  Definitely not this year, though.  The overlap didn't begin until TNG Season 6.  So maybe Blogging Year 13.

As ever, I am grateful to those of you who tune in to read my drivel.  If you enjoy reading The Squid half as much as I enjoy writing it, we're all doing alright.

Let's have a great year, folks.  If you're a US citizen, please vote in November.  For the rest of you, please enjoy the fact that you have better public health policies than we do - probably best you don't vacation here this year.  For everyone, be safe and be well.