Thursday, October 22, 2009

Checking in with the Capitals: Canada Is the Answer

Caught a bit of the Caps/Thrashers game tonight. I have discovered the secret to Capitals glory: they inevitably score when I leave the room. I missed three goals in the first period tonight, though one was disallowed. Caps won 5-4 without any goals from their first line. I'd say that's a good sign going forward.

So, what will be DirecTV's next move once the free trial of Center Ice ends after Saturday? I sure hope they sort things out with Versus in time for the playoffs. In the meantime, perhaps they'll do a free trial of their sports package, too.

What they really need to do, and I can't imagine it wouldn't be loads cheaper, is to cut a deal to get the Canadian Broadcast Company. No one would miss Versus if they could have Hockey Night in Canada instead. And if they get the French channel, too, my daughter can grow up watching soccer in Spanish and hockey in French. Who wouldn't want that? Canada's got plenty of great shows. Is This Hour Has 22 Minutes still on the air?

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