Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vancouver Day 12: Look Ma, No Bristles!

I satisfied a couple of curiosities yesterday. I had been wondering about the 361 Degrees logo on the Chinese curling jackets. 361 Degrees International Limited is a Chinese sporting goods company. 361 Degrees seems particularly appropriate for curling: a game of circles. According to Wikipedia, "It denotes 360 degrees of a protractor circle plus one extra degree, representing the company’s goal of establishing this brand to meet athlete’s need for professional functionality, plus an added degree of innovation and creativity."

I had also been wondering about the fact that some of the teams use brooms that appear to have no bristles. They have what almost looks like a sponge on the end but that couldn't possibly be practical. Apparently, they use an abrasive polycarbonate instead.

Checking in with the Capitals

It was great to see Fleischmann score his first Olympic goal for the Czechs last night. He had a great game, adding an assist to his name as well. So, all of the Caps are in the quarters and they're all in action today.

The tastiest match-up of the day is, of course, Russia-Canada, adding yet another chapter to a Crosby/Ovechkin rivalry which is only just beginning. Mr. Bettman, how could you not be in favor of this?

Hockey is one sport that definitely benefits from a sense of urgency. Player emotions ramp up and high energy play ensues. The next few days should be a lot of fun.

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