Sunday, January 15, 2012

Family Adventures: Bridge Street Cafe

Bridge Street Cafe in Richmond, Vermont has long been our favorite comfort food restaurant. They passed my club sandwich test a long time ago - fresh homemade bread always makes for a strong entry. They do an excellent Sunday brunch. Today, I went with French toast and a side of ham: an old standby, very satisfying on a bitterly cold day. It's a family establishment - very warm and friendly. We could hear the kitchen staff singing along with the radio. It's definitely my kind of place.

Photo via find & go seek

We had our first broomball game of the winter season on Saturday night. Mock's cousin, The Carpenter, has lent me a pair of shin guards. I was very grateful for them as the ice was ridiculously slippery. Usually, there are hockey players on the ice before us and they chop up the surface quite effectively - ideal for broomball. Last night, there was just an adult skating class on before us. Someone needs to invent an anti-zamboni for broomball ice. Perhaps we should bring ice picks next time.

We lost 3-0. Even with the loss and the subpar conditions, it was good to be back out on the ice. Plus, we have snazzy new jerseys:

Photo by Mrs. Mock

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