Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mock Squid Soup: July Blog List

MOCK! and The Armchair Squid are proud to present Mock Squid Soup: A Film Society!

Next meeting is Friday, July 10th.  As announced last month, the plan for this month is for each participant to pick someone else's movie from our ever-growing society library.  Henceforth, I will maintain a list of those movies here, also to be found on my page list as "Mock Squid Soup Film Library."

This month's twist: Six Degrees of Separation.  Remember that game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon by which you had to connect KB with some other actor in six movie connections or less?  For instance...

Kevin Bacon to Olivia de Havilland:
  1. Kevin Bacon appeared in Animal House with Donald Sutherland.
  2. Donald Sutherland appeared in The Dirty Dozen with Ernest Borgnine.
  3. Ernest Borgnine appeared in From Here to Eternity with Burt Lancaster.
  4. Burt Lancaster appeared in The Killers with Ava Gardner.
  5. Ava Gardner appeared in The Sun Also Rises with Errol Flynn.
  6. Errol Flynn appeared in The Adventures of Robin Hood with Olivia de Havilland.
The challenge for this month is to find a connection between one of your movies and one of someone else's in six films or less.  You may use cast, crew, filming location, caterer, whatever works.  Creativity will be praised and admired.

The signup list:


  1. Just for clarification:
    1. I pick a movie from the MSS library that someone else has already reviewed.
    2. I come up with Six Degrees of Separation between the current movie I've picked and one I've reviewed in the past.
    3. I post my Six Degrees of Separation the week before (or the day of the review)?

    1. Oh, I should probably clarify that bit... No week-before post this month. The six degrees should be included with your post on the 10th.

  2. This sounds like fun but do we pick the movie we just reviewed and connect it to another film the one of the others on our film site just watched? In other words-it must be from June??

    1. All movies on the list are fair game. Connect one of the movies you have reviewed to one someone else has reviewed. There is no need to limit the game to June movies.

    2. Oh-do we have to do 6 degrees or can it be less?

    3. Less is fine. Truly, more would be fine, too. I would hope it proves to be an enjoyable exercise, not a maddening one. As such, don't overthink the "rules."