Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Clone Wars: Legacy of Terror

My friends and I are watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  Every Tuesday, we will be featuring an episode from the series which began in 2008 (as opposed to the one that started in 2003).  All are welcome to join us for all or parts of the fun.

Episode: "Legacy of Terror"
Series: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Season 2, Episode 7
Original Air Date: November 20, 2009
via Wookieepedia
The Geonosis story continues, this being the fourth or a five-part arc.  This time Luminara is captured by bug-like zombie creatures.  Obi-Wan, Anakin and accompanying clone troopers set off to rescue her.

As you've no doubt heard, this is a big week for the Star Wars franchise, indeed for all of geekdom.  Episode VII hits theaters in just a few days.  After a 32 year wait, we finally get a sequel to Return of the Jedi.  The media blitz has been masterfully executed.  Box office records will be shattered.  But will the new movie - not to mention the next four over four years - be any good?
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George Lucas, of course, is the genius whose quirky $11 million film transformed the industry 38 years ago.  He was born May 14, 1944 in Modesto, California.  He's a junior college success story, attending Modesto Junior College before transferring to USC.  The University of Southern California was one of the first to have a film major.  There, he met one of his most important collaborators: Steven Spielberg.  Together, they helped usher in a new age of world cinema.

There's never been a better time to be a geek than right now.  Scifi and superhero stories are flooding screens large and small.  In some ways, it feels as if all of it - Marvel, DC, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Hunger Games - has been building up to this week.

Make no mistake, this is George Lucas's week.  While he has had no official creative control over The Force Awakens, it is his vision which has brought us all to this point.  JJ Abrams is a talented director, to be sure, but the faithful will eviscerate him if he strays too far from Papa George.  None of that New Vulcan crap he pulled with Star Trek will be tolerated here.  If the promotional material is any indication, the new movie at least looks right.  It feels more personal and intimate than the prequel trilogy.  All of the ads reassure us that the current guardians are taking good care of our dear old friend.  I, for one, am hopeful.

Thank you, Papa George, for all of it.

If you would care to join us for all or part of our travels, sign on to the list below.  Please visit the other participants today.  Next week: "Brain Invaders."



  1. It's hard not to be holding my breath.

  2. Interesting perspective...looking forward to reading more about this.

    1. I think it's fair to expect that I'll have a thing or two to say on the matter next week...

  3. I saw him interviewed by Charlie Rose this morning. It was an interesting and touching interview. I almost teared up.
    My children grew up with Star Wars. When Harrison Ford says "we're home" I feel like that.
    The x knew someone who knew someone who knew someone..... and we did get some videos of the first Star Wars . My oldest a tiny one then, loved watching them before we were able to buy them.
    I don't think people today understand what this movie did for us. This changed movies and the way we watch them.
    It is like computers, smart phones. I grew up with a shared phone line.
    And lucky to have that at the time.
    I have been watching the ads and I am so excited. But I will have to wait till the crowds thin and the Christmas/New Year flu/cold and sick people go back to work to be able to finally go and see it.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. I was four years old when I saw the first one in 1977. I can hardly imagine my life without Star Wars.

  4. The chancellors always get a rough deal and now with Vader gone, its anyones match. Still can't believe the old devil is space dust.

    1. The glimpses we've had of the new baddie are quite promising.

  5. My brother is a big fan. So the past few days have been a Star Wars back-to-back in our house.

    1. I am home for the day... All of the DVDs are right there on the shelf... Hmm...