Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Squid Mixes: Appetizer

The recipe given for the appetizer in The New York Bartender's Guide involves only two ingredients: Dubonnet rouge and freshly squeezed orange juice.  The quantity of OJ indicated is unusual.  Whereas most of the book's ingredients are expressed in specific terms of ounces, an appetizer simply requires the juice of one orange. 

Fortunately, my wife ended up with six already peeled oranges one day that needed immediate squeezing.  So, there was enough for our cocktails with plenty left over for the girl, making everyone happy.  To me, few things are more inherently magical than fresh OJ, pulp and all, and our daughter has inherited that love.

The result was most pleasant.  The Dubonnet supplies the color and enough grape flavor to complement the orange without being overpowered.


  1. Love the smell of peeling citrus! This sounds delicious.

    1. Much of the joy in food preparation is the symphony of scents. In this, mixing drinks is no exception.

  2. I tend to be ambivalent about orange juice, but, if I have it, I want pulp and all.

  3. Great contents. Oranges make anything good.

  4. I rushed here thinking you were talking about food. Ha! This does sound yummy though. I love a mimosa with fresh squeezed oj.