Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Squid Eats: Jules on the Green

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via Jules on the Green

As you may have heard, we got a huge snowstorm in New England last Friday.  As such, by Saturday afternoon we were all pretty desperate to get out of the house.  Why not lunch?

I suppose Jules on the Green is fairly typical of newer restaurants these days: standard American fare with fusion elements, mostly Italian in this case; great beer list; locally-sourced ingredients; friendly but not over-bearing staff.  A couple elements I especially appreciate are the large windows in a relatively small space so you get plenty of sunlight - a particularly nice thing when you've been snowbound - and the fact that they serve breakfast all day if you want it.  I had the creme brulee French toast which sounded more exciting than it actually was but was still perfectly nice French toast, my go-to breakfast in diner-type establishments.

We've been a couple times now, the first for my birthday a couple years ago.  We'll certainly go again.  It's a little further away that our nearest comparable place but also nice for changing things up from time to time.

Squid on the Vine

Chateau Cadenette, Costières-de-Nîmes Grenache Blend, 2017
Rather bitter.
Sweeter nose and finish.
A bit of apple.
My rating: 7.8


  1. Anything that says Creme Brulee would catch me. the restaurant sounds lovely. Did you have to dig out sidewalks?

    1. Plenty of shoveling but not much in the way of sidewalks in our corner of the world.

  2. The green makes it sound like they have outdoor eating, but I suppose even if that was an option, you opted out!

    I did get around to finishing your blog award questions this evening!

    1. I'll stop by soon. It's been a crazy busy month but I should have more time over the next week or so.

  3. There's only one good breakfast place around here, and they are unreliable, at best.

    1. I realize this doesn't help you where you are but if you're ever in New England, Worcester, Mass. is the diner capital of the world - numerous choices for a great breakfast. Culturally, it's the best thing the city has going for it!