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Marvel Immersion Project: Uncanny X-Men #117-122

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Uncanny X-Men #117
Originally Published January 1, 1979
Writer: Chris Claremont
Artist: John Byrne
  • At the end of the previous issue, the X-Men had left the Savage Land by sea and a terrible storm was looming.  The storm hits in #117 and their boat is destroyed.  Fortuanately, our friends are rescued by a Japanese ship.  The captain tells them they'll have to come along to Japan - no time for a detour to bring them home first.
  • The story then switches to Westchester, where Jean and Charles are coming to terms with the (presumed) deaths of the other X-Men.  Jean leaves on a vacation to take her mind off things.  Charles finds comfort with Lilandra.
  • Next we get some back story for Charles, including his history with Moira MacTaggart.
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  • In a Cairo cafe, Charles had a psychic showdown with Amahl Farouk, who would eventually also be known as Shadow King.

Uncanny X-Men #118
February 1, 1979
  • When the X-Men arrive in Japan six weeks later, the (fictional) port city of Agarashima is on fire, apparently a result of a massive earthquake.  Fortunately, the city had been evacuated but the fact that the citizens were forewarned arouses suspicion that this was no ordinary quake.
  • The X-Men enlist the help of their old friend, Sunfire.
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  • At Sunfire's estate, they unexpectedly run into Misty Knight and her friend Colleen Wing, who certainly finds Scott Summers very interesting indeed.
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  • Misty calls her boyfriend, Iron Fist, but apparently he's too busy to help.
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  • Wolverine is unexpectedly fluent in Japanese and evidently quite comfortable in Japan.  He meets a new, and lasting, love interest: Mariko Yashida.
  • Meanwhile, Charles, still believing the X-Men have died, leaves with Lilandra for her home world.
  • Back in Japan, our friends are attacked by Mandroids led by Moses Magnum, the man behind the earthquake.  He threatens to destroy the country if he is not made ruler within 24 hours.

Uncanny X-Men #119
March 1, 1979
  • Moses Magnum is defeated.
  • Jean arrives in Scotland, where she meets up with Moira MacTaggart, Alex Summers, Lorna Dane and Jamie Madrox.

Uncanny X-Men #120
April 1, 1979
  • Alpha Flight is introduced, led by Vindicator, whom we originally met as Weapon Alpha in Uncanny X-Men #109.  Alpha Flight is Canada's own superhero team, though they are government controlled through "Department H."  Also joining the original team:
Jean-Paul Beaubier (Earth-616) | Marvel Database | Fandom
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    • Northstar
John Proudstar (Earth-1610) | Marvel Database | Fandom
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    • Shaman
Narya (Earth-616) | Marvel Database | Fandom
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    • Snowbird
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    • Sasquatch
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    • Aurora
  • They have been sent to bring Wolverine back into the fold.  Shaman creates a storm which causes the X-Men, flying home from Japan, to force land in Calgary where the two teams do battle.

Uncanny X-Men #121
May 1, 1979
  • The X-Men have their showdown with Alpha Flight at the Calgary Stampede grounds.
  • Alpha Flight actually wins!  They haul Wolverine away and send the X-Men home with their tails between their legs.
  • Our friends get the last laugh when Wolverine manages to escape.
  • I quite like Alpha Flight, though admittedly, I am a sucker for all things Canadian.

Uncanny X-Men #122
June 1, 1979
  • The X-Men are finally back home, though puzzled by Charles's absence and still unaware than Jean and the Beast are still alive.
  • The Colossus is homesick for Russia and Wolverine, of all people, is helping him work through it.
  • Colleen initiates a brief romance with Scott.
  • In another part of the galaxy, Lilandra is finally crowned Empress of the Shi'ar.
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  • Jean bumps into the handsome Jason Wyngarde, literally, in Scotland and a romance seems to be developing there, too.  Jason, however, reveals himself - to the reader but not to Jane - to be a rather sinister character.  She doesn't know yet his true identity as Mastermind, an old X-Men nemesis.  Actually, we don't know that yet either, technically.
Luke Cage - Wikipedia
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  • Ororo explores her old neighborhood in Harlem, sad to find that the apartment is now a shooting gallery.  The junkies attack her and she is unexpectedly assisted by Misty and her friend Luke Cage.
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  • On the final page, we meet a new nemesis: Arcade.


  1. I have always loved Multiple Man. One of my favorite lower tier heroes.
    Alpha Flight is something you can thank Byrne for.

    1. I figured Byrne's Canadian ties probably had something to do with that...