Monday, January 25, 2021

Marvel Immersion Project: Thor #357-360

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Thor #357
Originally Published July 10, 1985
Writer and Artist: Walter Simonson
  • Thor leads Frigga and the Asgardian children on the long walk back home.
  • Back in New York, Sif and Bill battle the GLF who are trying to rob a bank.
  • Cameo: Power Pack
  • Loki gives Lorelei a gift to bring Thor back under her spell.
  • The Enchantress plots revenge against her sister Lorelei for the latter's refusal to help in the battle against Surtur.

Thor #358
August 10, 1985
Walter Simonson
  • Thor is back under Lorelei's spell.  She convinces Thor that Loki should be King of Asgard.
  • Meanwhile, the Enchantress has cast her own spell on Lorelei so that the latter falls in love with Loki when she sees him.
  • Beta Ray Bill battles the GLF.  When the GLF learns their leader is Titanium Man, they turn against him.
  • Featured: The Scourge of the Underworld. 

Thor #359
September 10, 1985
Walter Simonson
  • Heimdall and friends discover Lorelei's spell over Thor and set out to free him from it.  
  • Thor, still enchanted, goes to Loki's castle and finds his brother and Lorelei in bed together. 
  • Thor flies into a rage and nearly kills Loki but the latter frees the former from Lorelei's enchantment just in time.
  • Now Thor must bring the Asgardians home from Earth.

Thor #360
October 10, 1985
Walter Simonson
  • The warriors are finally brought home to Asgard.
  • Thor wishes to go to Hel to free the mortals trapped there.
Angrboða via God of War Wiki

  • He asks Angerboda (based on Angrboða, the mother of monsters in Norse mythology) to tell him the way.


  1. oh, man... Power Pack.
    Some of the stuff in the 80s was... Weird is not always the word for it, but it's just kind of like, "What were they thinking?"
    I mean, sure, the Muppet Babies, there were also the X-Babies.

    1. Probably someone in marketing told them that babies and puppies are the can't lose choices in advertising and they went to town with it.