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Star Trek: Civil Defense

Episode: "Civil Defense"
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Season 3, Episode 7
Original Air Date: November 7, 1994

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Garak episode!

Our heroes accidentally trigger a security system program from the Terok Nor days, designed to quell a workers revolt.  In fine Cardassian tradition, it is brutal and uncompromising.  If the gang doesn't figure out how to shut the system off, the entire station will self-destruct.

"Civil Defense" is loads of fun.  As the screws tighten - every time someone solves one problem, the program triggers increasingly terrible measures - the sparkling dialogue only improves.  A smug Gul Dukat arrives eventually then when he reluctantly tries to help, he finds he is stuck in the muck with the rest of them.  His exchanges with Garak are especially fun.  But the real treat of the episode is the repartee between Odo and Quark who are trapped together in the constable's office.  The best example:
Quark: Why go to so much trouble to keep people out of the security office?
Odo: It's not to keep people out, it's to keep me in. I suppose, during the Occupation, the Cardassians considered their security chief a security risk.
Q: And I know why.
O: Oh, do you?
Q: It's because they knew you were an honorable man. The kind of person who would do the right thing regardless of the circumstances. And now your integrity… is going to get us both killed. I hope you're happy.
Seriously, those two deserve their own buddy movie.

Acting Notes

via Memory Alpha

Danny Goldring played Legate Kell, the Cardassian military official who delivers the crushing, insulting blow for Dukat via pre-recorded video message.  Goldring was born in Woodstock, Illinois, May 31, 1946.  He attended Trinity University and served in the Army with the Signal Corps.  In addition to the typical stage work, Goldring was a puppeteer, touring with the Cole Marionettes for two years.

Goldring made many guest appearances on television, including ERWings and Boss.  "Civil Defense is his first of several Trek appearances on three different series.  Films include The Babe, The Fugitive and The Dark Knight.

Goldring passed away in 2022.


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    1. I certainly do. I've learned a lot about effective storytelling from Star Trek.