Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Checking in with the Cubs: Painful to Watch

Well, as 12-inning games go, that Astros-Cubs match-up today was not exciting. Instead, it was painful. And it was exemplary of the Cubs problems scoring runs. Three innings in a row, they had the walk-off run on third with one out and they couldn't get it done. "Yes," My Wife said, "welcome to being a Cubs fan."

Keeping an eye on the leadoff hitter situation, Tyler Colvin was 0-for-6 with a walk today - not exactly inspiring.

Of course, the big news for the Cubs is that manager Lou Piniella is retiring at the end of the season. My Wife asked me last night if she should be upset about that, barely devoted Cubs fan that she is. I guess the conclusion I have to come to is yes. In the three seasons before this one, the Cubs finished 1st, 1st and 2nd in their division. That represents the club's best run since the '30s. Piniella isn't the only reason for that success but he deserves a great deal of credit. Of course, this year hasn't been so great but that's closer to par for the Cubs. The man turns 67 next month, a perfectly reasonable age to hang it up. The question, naturally, is who's next?

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