Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Football Fantasy: Not Quite the Spoiler

College League: Squid wins, 74.98-72.23 (4-10 overall)
Vermont League: bye week
My MVP: Adrian Wilson (Safety) who had a great game (11 solo tackles and 1 pass defended) for my team defense, the Arizona Cardinals (13 points allowed, 3 interceptions and 3 fumble recoveries)

Photo via Cardinals Gab

My victory this week was not enough to pull me up out of the league cellar. I still finish the regular season in last place. And so, it's on to the consolation playoffs. I almost got to play spoiler to my opponent, Special Dinner, but he ended up scoring enough points to finish just ahead of Roppongi Moose, the seventh place team. SD makes the playoffs, RM is the top seed for the consolation bracket.

I feel for the Houston Texans this morning. Their Monday night game against the Ravens was almost a classic. Coming back from 21 points down to force overtime was impressive. The interception touchdown to end the game was a horrible let down. At the very least, they deserved a more dignified defeat.

Consolation semis in the Vermont league this week. I will face Mock's stepfather. Mock lost in the championship quarterfinals but The Breeders won.

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