Monday, May 14, 2012

Family Adventures: Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

As has been our tradition over the past few years, we went to a nursery for Mother's Day.  My Wife is the gardener in the family.  It's nice to start the season with some brand new stuff.  This year, we went to Gardener's Supply in Burlington.  I busied myself in the book section while she and Our Girl went treasure hunting.  It's really best that I stay out of the way in such ventures.  She did ask if there were anything I especially liked, though.  I've always liked snapdragons and if there's one thing I miss about summertime in the South, it's honeysuckle.  I figured the first would be easy but had my doubts about the second.  She managed to find both!

We did Mexican for lunch.  The Farm House has recently opened El Cortijo right down the street.  They have a brunch menu.  I love Mexican food in the morning - reminds me of a place in Roppongi (Tokyo) where we used to go after a night out at the clubs.  I ordered from the lunch menu but still greatly approve of the possibility of a Mexican brunch.  Their menu is right on the placemat - love that.  I went with the pollo and carne tacos.  Both were excellent, as were the optional sauces.  I probably should have ordered three but I figured I'd get to finish Our Girl's pancakes - a safe assumption, as it turned out.

Phoenix Books has opened its new branch in Burlington at 191 Bank Street.  The entire lower level is devoted to children's literature.  If you're in town, check it out!

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