Saturday, May 18, 2013

Double Barrel #10

Title: Double Barrel
Issue: #10
Release: May 2013
Writers: Kevin and Zander Cannon
Authors: Kevin and Zander Cannon
Image via ComicVine

Both Zander's Heck and Kevin's Crater XV are speeding towards their conclusions.   Only two more issues to go!  In Heck, the embittered Hector passes on the message his client/love interest Amy sent him to find.  In Crater XV, crucial details of the characters' pasts are revealed.  Extras include part two of Tim Sievert's The Clandestinauts, Kevin's Penny from the Front and Zander's True Tales of Jin.  In this month's How to: section, Kevin offers "Basic Design Concepts for Cartoonists." I will admit upfront that most of the material is way over my head, yet I am grateful for the insight into such matters as resolution, font and color.

Double Barrel is available anywhere electronic comics or eBooks are sold.  I got my copy at ComiXology


  1. Sounds like they're probably fun to read!

    1. I must admit to a little bit of a bias. I went to college with the Cannons. Their industry cred is legit, though, and I wouldn't promote their work if I didn't think it was high quality.