Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Clone Wars: Prisoners

My friends and I are watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  Every Tuesday, we will be featuring an episode from the series which began in 2008 (as opposed to the one that started in 2003).  All are welcome to join us for all or parts of the fun.

Episode: "Prisoners"
Series: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Season 4, Episode 3
Original Air Date: September 23, 2011
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The underwater war arc concludes this week.  Prince Lee-Char, safe for the moment but isolated from his imprisoned army, struggles to find a way to turn the tables on the attacking Separatists, Ahsoka his only protector.  Anakin, Padmé, Jar Jar and Kit Fisto have been captured so, while they don't know anything about the prince's whereabouts and couldn't betray him even if they wanted to, they are in no position to help.

Meanwhile, Nossor Ri, leader of the Quarren, is gradually learning that Riff Tamson's aid is less about helping the Quarren than it is about gaining power for himself.  As Lando Calrissian would say, "This deal is getting worse all the time!"  Lee-Char believes the only hope is for Mon Calamari and Quarren to work together with their Republican allies to quell Tamson and his goons but Ri takes some convincing.

While this Mon Cala arc is primarily a Lee-Char story, it also provides some great development for Captain (later Admiral) Ackbar.  We get to see him as military leader of his people and worthy scrapper in his own right.  In Return of the Jedi, Ackbar was a puppet performed by Tim Rose and voiced by Erik Bauersfeld.  In Clone Wars, he is voiced by Artt Butler.
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Artt Butler worked as a voiceover director for 15 years before taking the mic himself.  In addition to work in commercials, he has voiced Sabato Kuroi in Blade of the Immortal and Jack Flowers in The Boondocks.  In auditions for the role of Ackbar, he was the only one to imitate Bauersfeld's performance.  The others simply used their own voices.  Obviously, he got the job.

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  1. I was completely not satisfied with Ackbar in this arc.

  2. I remember this from the first time watched it.
    Jar Jar strikes again.
    But as alway the group get captured again and needs to be
    saved again. But I like the series so it is fun to watch.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Brace yourself for a couple of droid episodes. Groan...