Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Squid Mixes: Pink Lemonade

You're right.  It's not pink.  It smells pink and it tastes pink.  But it doesn't look pink.  Seems a crucial detail.

One benefit of the mocktail hobby is that you can add alcohol to the surplus supply for the adults in the house.  My pink lemonade recipe came from The New York Bartender's Guide: vodka, maraschino liqueur and fresh lemonade.  The liqueur is the key to the pinkness.  It's quite tasty and one could certainly add a splash or two of grenadine if anyone is likely to get hung up on appearances.

"Real" pink lemonade is a contrivance anyway.  Even pink lemons - an actual thing - juice clear.  In contemporary commerce, the color is achieved through artificial chemical magic.  If you're interested in the drink's origins, this article from Smithsonian Magazine offers some unsavory theories.


  1. Yum - looks refreshing in spite of lack of pinkness.

  2. Looks very tasty! If the pinkness comes from chemical magic- then it is even better not to have it pink. :)

  3. I've never really been into pink lemonade.

  4. You’re going to have us all alcoholics, if you keep this up. But then, I’m not much for lemonade so maybe I’m safe ;)


    1. Drink responsibly, folks!

      No joke. It is never my intention to encourage over-consumption. Addiction is a serious disease and I would never make light of it.