Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Squid Mixes: Tweety Bird

A tweety bird combines orange juice, grapefruit juice, pineapple juice, lemon-lime soda and bitter lemon soda with a pineapple garnish.  I got my recipe from Zero-Proof Cocktails by Liz Scott.  The author recommends the drink as a margarita substitute with Mexican or other Latin American fare.  I would go further and say the flavor is superior to most margaritas.

Zero-Proof is fun, more realistic than other mocktail books.  While Scott stresses that fresh juices are best she concedes that store-bought will do in a pinch.  She also makes suggestions for alcoholic additions for several recipes, though not this one. 


  1. That sounds interesting (especially with some rum added), but at what point does it just become fruit cocktail?

    1. Add rum, and you could call it a drunk tweet! No joke, I've been hanging on to that pun for a month...

      I think you need pieces of actual fruit for a fruit cocktail. But then, at what point does a fruit cocktail become fruit salad? What is the solid-to-liquid tipping point?

    2. When you can't drink it anymore?

  2. Now that sounds so lovely and I could drink this one.

    cheers, parsnip