Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Bitters of the Month: Maple Floral

Runamok Maple is based in Fairfax, Vermont, a town I typically drive through every day.  Syrup is, of course, their primary product but they launched a line of cocktail bitters (and also cocktail mixes) just this past year.  Maple Floral is one of three bitters on offer, the others being Maple Orange and Maple Aromatic.  

On its own (with gin), the Maple Floral has a touch of spice with a perfumey aroma.  We haven't played much with floral bitters yet so this is new territory.  The company site suggests adding the Maple Floral bitters to gin or vodka drinks.  We'll definitely be trying that soon.


  1. We were down at the Asian Art Museum in SF yesterday and picked up some Rose Elixir for cocktails. It's interesting stuff.
    But I think it's better on its own than it was used in the drinks. Too bad it's not made for drinking by itself.

    1. Such elixirs seem to be the new thing. We have a local brand I might be inclined to check out at some point.