Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Squid Mixes: Gin Rickey

A gin rickey combines lime juice, gin and club soda.  I got my recipe from Grub Street as discovered by my wife.  The writers, Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfield, suggest an unusual approach: squeeze half a lime, then slice up the spent half and muddle it in with the rest of the drink.  It's a bit fussy for my tastes but on the other hand, the result is quite pulpy, which I like.  Overall, it made for a refreshing, summery drink.

For more about rickeys, read here.  


  1. That one doesn't make me the least bit curious. I just don't have enough taste for gin.

  2. que gracioso mirándolo, te podrías pasar horas observando que hacen.

    1. The cats are a crucial source of entertainment at our house.