Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Squid Mixes: Cider Battles

Our quest for the perfect D-Day Swizzle continues.  Next up in our cider battles, two Woodchuck products...

Barrel Select vs. Sangria

The Barrel Select is a barrel-aged cider marketed as a "fan favorite."  The Sangria includes grape skin extract for color.  Both in the cocktail and on their own, we preferred the Barrel Select.  The Sangria is simply too sweet.  To me, its flavor compares unfavorably to Emergen-C, raspberry flavor.

Winner, Swizzle and Sipper Categories: Woodchuck Barrel Select


  1. It seems the Fan Favourite is true.

  2. I never knew that we've gotten to "barrel select" cider. I thought that was for bourbons. But then, I've not been a big cider fan.