Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Squid Eats: The People's Pint

The People's Pint is a brewpub in Greenfield, Massachusetts.  We'd never been to Greenfield before our recent visit.  It's the hometown of my colleague, Drama Guy, and other than seeing the town name on highway signs, that was my only previous association.  He recommended the restaurant.

We got chips and tomatillo salsa as an appetizer, then I had The People's Burger as my entree:

I discovered the difference between Greenfield medium rare and Vermont medium rare.  It would seem, from my limited sample size of a single restaurant that Greenfield shies away from pink.  Otherwise, it was a fine burger.  

Here's our progeny's Smokehouse Chicken Wrap:

The beer was decent if not exceptional.  Service was friendly.  Atmosphere was lively and definitely loud.  Not the best spot for intimate conversation.

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  1. I like the name of the pub and the burger does look good. As one who tends to eat steaks rare or med-rare, I tend to like my burgers cooked without much pink.