Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Squid Eats: Le Toledo

Montreal is crazy with top-notch bakeries, yet another strong connection with the city's French heritage.  The Plateau, in particular, is home to what feels like dozens.  Thus it was rather bold for Le Toledo to open its doors in 2019.  But if you build it, the people will come.  The place was bustling when we went, filled mostly with young adults, presumably on lunch break.  There were a few families, too (don't these kids go to school?).

We got the Foccacia to share - quite pretty but a little veggie-heavy for my tastes.  A spot of protein would have been nice - more a personal preference than a criticism.  We got something sweet, too, though neither of us quite remembers what.  No faulting the quality of the product.  We'll go again - easy, pleasant and relatively cheap lunch spot in our favorite neighborhood.  It was a little noisy but not oppressively so.  Not exactly a place to sit and relax for a long stretch - at lunchtime, anyway - as demand for seating is high but there are coffeeshops nearby for that.  

I'll order something different next time.  Beyond the pastry options, both savory and sweet, there are plenty of patés, cheeses and such on offer.

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