Friday, March 31, 2023

Star Trek: Phantasms

Episode: "Phantasms"
Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Season 7, Episode 6
Original Air Date: October 25, 1993

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Data is having nightmares.  In Season 6's "Birthright, Part I," we learned that Data has the capacity to dream.  Now, for the first time, those dreams have gotten scary.  In one, Data is attacked by mysterious workmen.  In another, Counselor Troi becomes a cake, to be eaten by the crew, including Data himself.  Is there any meaning behind it all?  

As noted in the "Birthright" post, I enjoy the Data dreams concept.  "Phantasms" answers the lingering question from the earlier episode: the dreams are a reaction to Data's experiences.  They were not implanted fully formed by Dr. Soong.  

While I wouldn't say "Phantasms" is an especially strong episode, there are some genuinely humorous moments, mostly courtesy of Worf.  His line about the mint frosting, delivered twice, is delightful.  Even better is the scene when he reluctantly agrees to take care of Spot, Data's cat.  

Speaking of Spot, he (not yet discovered to be female) has multiple scenes in the episode.  For the first time, I noticed that Spot is not always portrayed by the same cat.  There are noticeably different markings from one scene to another.  In fact, three different cats were used in "Phantasms": Brandy, Bud and Monster.  A fourth cat, Tyler, was added to the rotation later in Season 7.

Acting Notes

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Gina Ravera played the role of Ensign Tyler who makes little effort to hide her crush on Geordi La Forge.  Ravera was born May 20, 1966 in San Francisco.  In addition to the acting career, she is a classically trained dancer.

Films include Showgirls, Soul Food and Kiss the Girls.  The television resume is stronger.  She had principal roles on Time of Your Life and The Closer as well as recurring roles on Silk Stalkings, ER and Arrow.  


  1. Sorry for not being here in ages. I do remember this episode but can't quite recall the ending and what happened. I do love the humour
    Have you been watching Picard? I'm enjoying the 3rd and last season but who are the Changlings? It must be from Derp Space 9 which is never watched.

    1. Birgit! Always delighted to hear from you.

      We are very much enjoying Picard Season 3. Yes, the Changelings are from DS9. I like the fact that Picard has incorporated meaningful connections with both Deep Space Nine and Voyager.