Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Squid Mixes: Chocolate Manhattan

Lake Champlain Chocolate (LCC) offers a Manhattan chocolate truffle, a cross-brand promotion with Whistle Pig Whiskey.  We picked up a few to try over the weekend and figured they might make pair well with a chocolate-flavored Manhattan.  Not surprisingly, there are several variations available on the web.  I used Heather Wibbels's recipe at Cocktail Contessa as a template.  She combines bourbon, sweet vermouth, creme de cacao, chocolate bitters and spicy bitters (optional) in a chocolate shavings-rimmed glass.  I made a few substitutions: rye instead of bourbon and a cherry garnish instead of the chocolate rim, in both cases mimicking the LCC offering.  I skipped the spicy bitters.

I felt the drink turned out well - pleasantly chocolatey, including a satisfying tint.  My wife enjoyed it, asserting it's definitely better than a chocolate martini.  Interestingly, caramel is the predominant flavor in the truffle and as such, a splash of caramel liqueur could be a meaningful addition to the drink.  Though at what point would it become a Caramel Manhattan rather than a Chocolate one? 

Wibbels provides a drier variation with less cacao, more vermouth and less bitters.  Of course, one could go further and use Punt e Mes, dry vermouth or a combination.


  1. I enjoy such delights, but have never made one. And I have just figured out how to replay to your blog again!

  2. Anything with chocolate appeals to me.


    1. Me, too, for the most part. Oddly, chocolate ice cream is an exception for me. It's not as if I won't eat it. I just prefer other flavors.