Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Squid Eats: Guild Tavern

The Guild Tavern in South Burlington is one of the same family of farm-to-table restaurants as a couple of our standbys: The Farm House Tap & Grill and El Cortijo (read more here).  We recently visited the Guild for the first time.  It's a pleasant atmosphere.  We were seated near the bar and open kitchen which was fun.  The waitstaff is friendly.  We're reasonably certain many of them are former members of our child's youth orchestra.  It would hardly be shocking.  Restaurant work is great for gigging musicians and in my experience, they tend to network to help find each other jobs.  

If there are oysters on the menu, we're ordering them:

For entrees, I got the Surf and Turf, my wife the 6 oz. steak frites.  Mine came with steak and shrimp.  I have to admit that what I really want with an S&T is lobster but the shrimp was certainly good.  The highlight for me was the tasty whipped potatoes.  It was a heavy meal.  I couldn't finish, not a reflection of quality.  My wife was happy with hers, too.

We'll go again, I'm sure.


  1. When we decide that we're going to go back to a restaurant, it's because our brain has stored positive information from our taste buds ahahahh!!!!

  2. Sounds like you had good memory of this place and enjoyed yourselves!

  3. Delicious food and good place. Success for your blog ok