Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All Part of My Fantasy: I'm the Ugly Stepsister

Score for the Week: Cinderella Story 53.90, Squid 45.80
My MVP: Kellen Winslow (TE, Tampa Bay) with 7 receptions for 102 yards
Melodrama: Watching Matt Hasselbeck's last-second, ill-advised, goal-line, shovel-pass interception against the Cardinals. Some weeks, I have loved the guy. Some weeks, he's made me want to cry. That's sports, I guess.

Cinderella Story is the one league member who did not go to college with the rest of us, much to her credit, I'm sure. She is the wife of The Kicker who talked her into joining at the last minute so we would have an even number of teams. To say that she has held her own in her rookie season is putting it mildly. Every week, Yahoo! Sports posts the Blowout of the Week and CS was on the winning end for three weeks in a row. She took out her own husband along the way.

We have only met CS a few times but my wife and I enjoy her immensely. She is facebook friends with both of us and we have gotten to know her better online. I have to say that I was expecting a bit more along the smack talk front but she's been busy at home. She certainly had the last laugh.

I am now 3-7, thus assured of a losing record for the season. While I'm not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yet, I'm 3 games out with 3 to play. The writing's on the wall. The Kicker and I have a blockbuster trade in the works but it's probably too late for me to do much more than salvage some pride.

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