Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November Baseball: Team of the Decade?

Damn Yankees! They've done it again. I think they have to be considered the team of the decade (sorry, Bosox fans). Four American League titles, two World Series championships. They were the team of the '90s, too. Heck, let's be honest. The Yankees have been the sport's showcase franchise since the 1920s.

The question, of course, is if anyone can unseat them in the coming years. In the coming decade, it would have to be a team that can compete with them financially. The crosstown Mets seem the most likely. In the American League, their arch-rival Red Sox are the best candidate. We shall see.

Just wait until next year!

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  1. I saw on ESPN, just this morning, that some betting agency had early predictions for 2010 world champs:

    Yankees 3-1
    Red Sox 5-1
    Phillies 7-1
    Angels 10-1