Sunday, April 25, 2010

All Part of My Fantasy: A Find at Second

Week: April 18-24
Current standing in league: 2nd out of 12
My Player of the Week: Rickie Weeks (2B, Brewers) with 1 home run, 8 runs, 5 RBI and a .370 batting average
Melodrama: Trade traffic is high.

There are many differences in league personality between this group of guys and the group of college friends with whom I played fantasy football last fall. The biggest difference I've seen is that these guys love to trade. I expect for them, it's more than half the fun of playing. In our football league, I think there were about five total trades all season, two of them mine. For that group, the art is in playing the waiver wire.

Weeks has, to this point, been a real find at second base. It's one of the most difficult positions for finding offensive production, both in fantasy baseball and in real baseball. It is one of four everyday positions where you absolutely must have a player who can handle the defensive responsibilities, the others being catcher, shortstop and center field. You can hide a bat on the sides, but not going up the middle. You could try putting a Manny Ramirez at second but you'd lose every single game, no matter how well he hit. It's no great mystery why Alfonso Soriano hasn't played second in years.

All the more reason for me to appreciate Weeks. He's 27 years old and the former #2 overall draft pick is surely ready for a breakout season. He missed most of last year due to injury. He's been making up for lost time so far in April.

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