Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Final Two: What a Game!

Duke is certainly a deserving champion. A strong case can be made for Tom Izzo but I still believe that Coach K is the best in the sport. His teams always play so hard and so well.

What more can you say about Butler? That is one fantastic team. In truth, they play a lot like Duke: tough, disciplined and coordinated. I think what I admire most about Butler is their teamwork. Someone was always ready to step up when players got in foul trouble or went cold or whatever. I agree with Coach K, this is no Cinderella. Butler's a very good team and with only one senior starter, they could well be back next year. The only question: will Heyward stick around? Heyward's Indiana legend was already secure as a high school hoops star. He has now broadened it considerably.

Just imagine if that last desparate heave had gone in!

Butler coach Brad Stevens can now pretty much write his own ticket if he should decide to move up in the coaching ranks. He took the best coach in the country to the wire and I would bet that Coach K himself would write him a glowing recommendation. Stevens is only 33 years old and it would seem that the future is very bright indeed. Should he stay at Butler, I'd say they're likely to contend for many years to come.

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