Sunday, April 18, 2010

Monte-Carlo: Egg and Bacon

Rafael Nadal wins Monte-Carlo. The sun rises in the east.

Rafa sure made it look easy today. Verdasco's no chump, either: #12 in the world and certainly better than that on clay. For crying out loud, he's one of Rafa's friends which clearly gained him no mercy today. It's not even as if he played that badly. Rafa was just in the zone. I admire Verdasco for his efforts to make a match of it but at times, he definitely had that do-I-really-need-to-be-here-for-this? look about him.

Obviously, Rafa winning the French is no longer a foregone conclusion but today's pounding was a clear warning to all would-be Robin Soderlings in the men's field. On clay, Rafa is still the man to beat.

All Part of My Fantasy

Picking Rafa to win was the easy choice and so the fact that he did gained me little boost in the standings. I finished in the top 69% and now stand in the top 33% in the overall standings. Next comes Rome, set to kick off one week from today.

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