Sunday, June 20, 2010

South Africa 2010: Happy Father's Day

It was disappointing to see Ivory Coast go down so decisively. I had high hopes for that match and it certainly started off well. But how about New Zealand? After all that talk that they were lucky just to make it, that they would have to work not to be the worst World Cup team ever, they manage a draw against the defending champions! Paraguay will certainly make it out of the group and I think the Italians, despite their mediocre play, will ultimately be the ones to join them.

Happy Father's Day to all! The ladies gave me breakfast in bed, some gifts Our Girl had made at school and a basketball. I haven't had my own basketball in years. We went to a book store, too, and I picked up a couple of sports-related titles: Strokes of Genius by L. Jon Wertheim and Satchel by Larry Tye.

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  1. Happy Belated Father's Day! That basketball will come in handy next year during our "meetings!"

    FYI, the pool was repaired today....a couple more days of filling it up and then you'll have to get over here!