Wednesday, June 16, 2010

South Africa 2010: Somewhere, Federer Is Smiling

Here I was all set to say that Japan over Cameroon was the upset of the tournament so far. The Swiss just had to ruin it!

Everyone's played their first game so it would seem appropriate to take stock. Checking in with the co-favorites first, Brazil should be worried. They were lucky to win against the North Koreans and they've got two much tougher games ahead with Portugal and Ivory Coast. Spain is, no doubt, in shock over today's loss. They still have two games to go, of course, and could still make it out of the group. Honduras should be a win but Chile could be tough.

On the brighter side, the two most impressive teams thus far have been Germany and the Netherlands. Germany is the only team to have scored more than two goals in a game thus far. They still have their toughest group games ahead with Ghana and Serbia but true to form, the Germans are off to a great start.

The Dutch handled a good Danish team rather easily. At least on paper, Japan should be an easier match for them but the team will no doubt be inspired by its win against Cameroon. Then the Dutch will have to face a Cameroon side possibly looking for a win just to make it out of the group.

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