Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Let's Talk Baseball: Extra-Inning Success

Mock posted the following link in a comment to an earlier post:


The short article encapsulates the Orioles' recent success and, in particular, their efforts in extra innings. What does it say about a team if they have a strong extra-inning record, 10-3 in the Orioles' case? I think two things:

1. Good tactical decisions on the manager's part. So, go Buck!

2. Bench strength, particularly in your bullpen. Sure enough, the Orioles' team ERA in relief (4.54), while abysmal, is better that the team ERA for starters (5.33). Team ERA for the past week is much improved at 3.53 as compared to 5.05 for the season.

Both these factors tell us that the Orioles do have the capacity to be a good team. However, I've been an O's fan long enough to know that a hot streak is just that. Long-term, sustained success takes something more. As I said yesterday, we'll learn a lot about this team from how they close out the season. Right now, all looks wonderful. But a slump will happen eventually and how the team handles that is a more meaningful test.


  1. I've been away...I will check to see how they have been doing in the past week...