Monday, August 9, 2010

The Orioles in the Showalter Era

Mock is right, the Orioles are doing much better these days. At present, they have won a third of their games. That may not seem like a big deal but I have had my doubts all season that the O's would cross that threshold.

The return of Brian Roberts, second baseman and leadoff hitter, from injury is a part of recent success but the big story in Baltimore is the new manager: Buck Showalter. He has definitely brought a spark to the club. The team is 5-1 since he took over at the helm. Whether or not that spark can be parlayed into long-term success is another matter but the Birds were long overdue for a run like this. Currently 30 games out of a playoff spot, team goals for the current year should be modest. Even catching the Blue Jays to get out of the division cellar is highly unlikely. But with the worst record in the majors, there's nowhere to go but up. Maybe we'll get a glimpse of the team they can be next year.

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  1. They just won their first Monday game in like FOREVER, are riding a hot streak of 6-1 under Buck (with three walk offs!)....

    Plus there is all of this!