Monday, May 30, 2011

Let's Talk Baseball: Bold Proposal May Standings

We come to the end of the second month of Season 2. For those new to the program, here is my original post for the idea and here is how things shook out at the end of last season, setting up the two divisions I'll be using for the 2011 season.

Photo via Diamond Hoggers

The current standings are as follows:

First Division

1. Phillies (unchanged from April)
2. Cardinals (+3)
3. Marlins (unchanged)
4. Red Sox (+9)
5. Braves (+6)
6. Yankees (-2)
7. Rays (unchanged)
7. Giants (+3)
9. Rangers (-4)

10. Angels (-3)
11. Reds (-2)
11. Tigers (+1)
13. Rockies (-11)

14. White Sox (+1)
15. Padres (-1)
16. Twins (unchanged)

Second Division

1. Indians (unchanged)
2. Brewers (+1)
2. Diamondbacks (+10)
4. Blue Jays (+1)

5. Mariners (+3)
5. A's
7. Orioles (unchanged)
7. Pirates (+4)
9. Mets (+4)
10. Cubs (-1)
11. Dodgers (-8)
12. Royals (-10)
13. Nationals (-4)
14. Astros (unchanged)

Biggest rise: Diamondbacks
Biggest fall: Rockies

The teams in italics are the six different teams to win the past six World Series titles. I am hoping that trend will continue and yet a different team will win this year. The Marlins are in the strongest position to do so at the moment.

A couple of observations:

- Of the top eight teams in the First Division, there are three teams from the AL East and also three from the NL East. In the real world, only four of those six teams could possibly make the playoffs.

- For the moment, two real world division leaders inhabit my Second Division: the D-backs and the Indians, who still hold the best record in the American League. Once again, I will consider this experiment a failure should one of my Second Division teams win the World Series.

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