Monday, May 9, 2011

My Baseball Fantasy: Sunday Night Baseball

Private League: won 5-4-1 (33-16-1 overall, 1st place out of 10, 1 game ahead of 2nd)
Public League: 4th place out of 12
My Player of the Week: Shane Victorino (Center Fielder, Phillies) with 1 home run, 5 RBI, 3 runs, 2 stolen bases and a .333 batting average

Photo via Jim DeLorenzo Public Relations

I'm definitely a fan of the head-to-head league format. Individual Major League games become a lot more important and I really like that. ESPN's Sunday night game, in particular, has the potential to match the significance of the Monday night game in fantasy football. Such was the case with last night's Braves-Phillies contest.

I had a tough matchup this week, facing the guy who had been just ahead of me in the standings. The ultimate outcome was still in doubt with just the one Sunday night game left to play. We both had several players involved in the game. I had starting pitcher Cole Hamels and center fielder Shane Victorino for the Phillies as well as closer Craig Kimbrel for the Braves. He had Phillies' first baseman Ryan Howard and closer Ryan Madsen as well as Braves' left fielder Martin Prado and third baseman Chipper Jones. We were very close on a few stats. Wins, runs, RBI and batting average were all up for grabs. Fortunately, things fell my way. While Hamels couldn't get the win, Victorino had a great night: 2-for-5 with a run. It was just enough.

Victorino, aka The Flyin' Hawaiian, is on my roster in both leagues. I got him in the 10th round of the private league and the 8th round of the public league. He was also a track star in high school, winning the Hawaii state titles in the 100 m, 200 m and 400 m races.

This week I draw Mock as my opponent in our first of two scheduled matchups this season. If it all comes down to Sunday night this time, the competition will be direct. I have two Yankees on my squad. True to form, Mock has six Red Sox on his.

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