Monday, May 30, 2011

Family Adventures: Back on the Trail

Memorial Day marks the beginning of hiking season in Vermont and we have renewed our quest to hike the entirety of Vermont's Long Trail. Today was our first-of-the-season, let's-see-where-we-are hike, a manageable trek from last year that would serve as a good measure of our capabilities for the coming summer. Following is My Wife's write-up from her blog:

Hike #8 - Sunset Ledge Redux

A few more photos for your enjoyment:

I've always been fascinated by lichens, ever since I first learned what they were in seventh grade science. And I'll bet Ms. Reid didn't think I was paying attention!

Evidence of mud:

A few things to remember for next time:
- bug spray for Our Girl
- cell phone
- dry socks for everyone
- a dry T-shirt for me for the end of the hike (I had a long-sleeved to change into, but it would be nice to have a choice)
- hats for everyone
- a belt for me - the plumber look is not in style on the trail

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