Sunday, March 18, 2012

Off My Duff: St. Patrick's Day Broomball

Image via Chateau Montelena Winery

St. Patrick's Day probably wasn't the best time to schedule a broomball game, at least not for our team. At least two of our team members arrived already quite merry (and no, I wasn't one of them). I won't blame the result on that, though. It was a hard-fought 1-0 loss and overall, I think we played well. We could use a more developed offensive concept - i.e., I'd like to better understand what I'm supposed to be doing. But what we really need is more players. We only had seven last night, which meant only one sub. I didn't have much left in the tank by the end of the game.

My Wife is out of town for work so a big thank you to Mrs. Mock for looking after Our Girl while Mock and I were at the game. Our Girl and their son (Mock Boy?) have gotten to be pretty good friends. We got in some nice visiting time before the game, too.

It's been a beautiful weekend. We never got much of a winter in northwest Vermont this year. There was some snow but none of the 18-inch blizzards we've come to expect. We've been in a constant state of thaw for what feels like months - not actually very pleasant. But now it feels like a real spring is on its way. And while the ski resorts have been hurting with the weather, apparently it's been great for maple sugaring. The sap is running fiercely. So, there should be plenty of syrup on offer soon.


  1. You didn't get any snow this year because it all fell here in Colorado. Though we have nice weather now. Mid 70's. Yes!

    Now I'm off to Google broomball...

  2. I love maple syrup. Hope you get another member for your team.

  3. I did receive a text this morning from one of our merrier teammates indicating I played my best game of the season...

    I won't blame the merry teammates but I will question the officiating...

  4. I haven't played broomball in years...

  5. Love the leprechaun! He looks pretty mellow. Hope your broomball game didn't break anything.

  6. I love maple syrup...and I don't mean the store bought, Log Cabin watery stuff. I once had some in my freezer and it never froze, which was cool (bad pun).

    I have never played broomball. Is the adage for baseball work there as well? Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains.

    My best St Patrick's Day was winning a Fender electric guitar in a 32-person elimination of a Guitar Hero contest. It came down to a dude named Joe and I. The song was by ZZ Top and I beat him 98% to 97% to take home the prize, as well as a considerable beer buzz.

  7. Congratulations on all the physical activity. That is rarely a bad thing, u less you overdo it.

    Mock Boy? Perhaps Master Mock.

    Weathered was very different in prairie Canada this yea, too. So warm that I never got to hibernate properly. I certainly feel your pain.

  8. Happy Friday! You have been awarded the Sunshine Award. Stop by my blog to collect if you want to participate