Thursday, January 24, 2013

Australian Open Day 11: Ferrer Joins the Club

Curtain Call

Player: David Ferrer
Age: 30
Nation: Spain
Current Ranking: 5
Today's Result: loss to Novak Djokovic (1st seed, Serbia) in straight sets

Photo via TennisEarth

Ferrer is, quite simply, the hardest working player in tennis.  His win against Nicolas Almagro (11th, Spain) was half Almagro-choke, half Ferrer-perseverance but the fact is, most players in Ferrer's position (down two sets and a break in the third against a darn good player) would have lost the match.  Sadly, he didn't have much in the tank left for Djokovic.  Ferrer now has 5 career semifinals at Majors, but no finals.  He turns 31 in April.  It would be great to see him cross the threshold before the window closes.  Paris?

Ferrer, through his performance at the past four Majors, has earned the exalted status of Golden Squid.

He is the first player to enter this exclusive society while currently ranked in the Top 5.

Golden Squid Report

Sloane Stephens (Golden Squid since 6/29/2012) - Without a doubt, Stephens was the breakout star of this year's Australian Open.  Her victory over Serena Williams (3rd, USA) in the quarterfinals established her as a force to be reckoned with on the tour.  Her run came to an end against Victoria Azarenka (1st, Belarus) in the semis but this would seem to be only the beginning.  Stephens is, after all, still only 19 years old.


  1. The Ferrer-Almagro match was pretty intense. I agree that Ferrer is the hardest working man in the sport.

    And Sloane Stephens was very impressive. I had hoped she'd find a way to beat Azarenka too. Next time, maybe.

    1. I think she will find a way. Tennis is overrun with flash-in-the-plan players and it's always possible that everyone's getting a little too excited over Stephens. But I think her win over Serena speaks volumes. Success in the game takes talent and commitment but it also takes nerve - loads of it. Most players buckle under the pressure against Serena. Sloane didn't.