Friday, December 28, 2018

A Window Above: Solsbury Hill

Title: "Solsbury Hill"
Writer: Peter Gabriel
Original Release: 1977
Album: Peter Gabriel (the first one)

"Solsbury Hill" launched Peter Gabriel's solo career after a decade as the heavily-costumed lead singer of Genesis.  Not many musicians strike out on their own in order to tone down their image but that's exactly what happened with Gabriel.  He didn't leave all of his eccentricities behind.  All of his first four albums are eponymous and unnumbered.

The song commemorates a spiritual experience Gabriel had atop a hill in Somerset, England.  According to him, it's about letting go - of the band, yes, but of things in general - in order to grow.  For the music geeks out there, the song is written mostly in 7/4 time - highly unusual, particularly in pop music.

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Enjoy: A Window Above

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  1. I've always been somewhat undecided on Gabriel. I love Genesis, but the band really was mostly a reflection of Collins (which I don't say because he was the lead singer but because his sound post-Genesis was most closely an extension of the band's sound whereas Gabriel and Rutherford went in somewhat other directions). This is not a song I'm undecided on, though: I like it. I do like some of his solo material, after all.

    1. I won't pretend I truly know older Genesis. My affection for Gabriel is entirely for his solo work.

  2. Gabriel is okay, but I like Collins better. I had to stop my Pandora alternative selections to play this :)

  3. Didn't remember Gabriel singing this. I like this, but like others, I prefer Collins' version better.

    1. Is there a Phil Collins version? If so, I've never heard it.