Friday, August 16, 2019

A Window Above: Feeling That Way

Song: "Feeling That Way"
Writers: Aynsley Dunbar, Steve Perry, Greg Rolie
Original Release: January 20, 1978
Band: Journey
Album: Infinity

For me, "Feeling That Way" is the hidden treasure of the Journey catalog.  I love the vocal trade off between Rolie on the verses and Perry on the chorus.  It's the sort of thing bands should do more often: make the most of the contrasting styles and timbres of two lead vocalists.  The Beatles did it brilliantly, though not enough.  "Hard Day's Night" is their best example with John on the verses and Paul on the bridge.

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Enjoy: A Window Above

What are you listening to these days?


  1. They were great. Thanks for that memory.

  2. I don't listen to this one very often, mostly because it just doesn't come up on the streaming services I use. I'll have to change that next time I'm listening.

    1. It's not one that pops up often, even on the classic rock stations. Their later hits get a lot more play.

  3. nice to listen old songs....thank you for sharing